In the case of traditional media works, commissioner receives the physical original via mail; if digital, commissioner receives high-resolution print file, physical print via mail by request.  In the case of mixed traditional and digital media (e.g. graphite with digital color overlay), commissioner receives physical original of traditional component plus file and print of digital version by request.

With the exception of the 'pencil (sketch)' option, all commissions go through a thumbnail/sketch and approval process, to make sure you're happy with what you'll be getting before I complete the final artwork.

PENCIL (sketch): 1 character $20-40 | 2 characters $30-60 - think of this as a 'con sketch': a little rough, may or may not have shading, and minimal chance for changes or edits, since I only do a single pass, i.e. there is no preliminary thumbnail stage.

GRAPHITE (clean polished pencil; optionally digital color overlay): 1 character $50-100 | 2 characters $75-175

INK (clean lines with a few comic-style spot blacks or grays if you desire): 1 character $30-70 | 2 characters $60-90

COPIC MARKER (full color): 1 character $50-75 | 2 characters $70-100

WATERCOLOR (or colored ink – similar look, your preference):
Sketch (simple inks with wash): 1 character $25-60 | 2 characters $45-80
Fully rendered illustration: $150 and up – ask me for details.

DIGITAL · Starts at $75 (simple figure(s) with minimal or no background) | fully rendered illustration $200ish and up

OIL PAINTING on wood plaque (unframed) or illustration board (framed if desired) – starts in the $100-$300ish range, but don't let that scare you, please ask me about it because it's my favorite!

Prices are given for 1 or 2 characters because these are the most commonly asked-for, but I am happy to do more – just ask me for a price estimate.  Base prices are generally for pieces with no background or minimal/simple background.  If you have something more in mind, please ask!  Prices vary based on difficulty and complexity, more than on size of substrate or full-body vs. portrait, other factors, etc.  If I anticipate something will take me a long time, I price it higher; if I know it'll be simple, I accordingly price it lower.  If you have a budget below my listed rates, I am often flexible and can work with you: it is often easier for for me to let the commissioner set a budget and I adjust myself to that, than for me to name a price that may or may not be comfortable for both parties. 
Please note that these prices are for private commissions only, and do not confer intellectual rights to the artwork to the commissioner (commissioner/original rights-holder of course retains rights to original characters/intellectual properties as applicable).  If you are interested in commissioning work for profit or publication, please contact me at to discuss options.

Unless specifically requested otherwise at time of commissioning, I reserve the right to  include any privately commissioned work in my online or print portfolio, as well as sell print reproductions as appropriate.  I don't mind waiving this detail, but I DO need to know at the outset, as pricing may be affected.